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Tiger Prawn 21/25 (700g/pkt) 龙虎虾

Tiger Prawn 21/25 (700g/pkt) 龙虎虾
Tiger Prawn 21/25 (700g/pkt) 龙虎虾

Tiger Prawns have a hard shell, but their meat is delicious and widely loved. There are numerous ways to cook tiger prawns, depending on your preference and the flavours you want to enhance: grilling, sauteing, stir-frying, steaming, butterflying and baking, prawn curry, etc.


- Fresh Tiger Prawn size 21/25 - Ready to cook - Properly cleaned for your convenience - IQF Individually Quick Freezing to seal the freshness - Individually vacuum packed - Delivery by our own truck and driver to ensure the quality are well-maintained

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