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How is seafood being kept freshly till it is sent to the customers?

How seafood is being kept freshly without adding any preservatives for the customers to enjoy?

How is the natural taste of seafood being maintained without containing any chemical residuals?

How customers are provided the easiest and most convenient ways to purchase seafood?


These are the reasons DTS Home Mart was established!

Affiliated with Aqua Ceria Group (ACG), DTS Home Mart is an online seafood market that offers healthy and safe seafood. ACG is the most complete marine fish supply chain in Malaysia. It provides the highest quality of aquaculture products that are supplied to 5-stars hotels and restaurants. DTS Home Mart is the most trusted partner among the 5-stars chefs.

DTS Home Mart aims to provide high quality, fresh and healthy seafood to the market and a more convenient platform in seafood purchasing. Thus, more families could enjoy healthy and safe seafood.

Seafood, especially fish, is an all-time favorite dish for many. Fish is rich in protein, EPA and DHA, as well as Omega 3, 6, and 9. They benefit the health of our brain, heart and eyes for all ages. However, how, where and from whom do we purchase healthy and fresh seafood?

To ensure the seafood being kept freshly until it is sent to the customers:

DTS Home Mart Seafood is frozen under the temperature of -18’C. This ensures the freshness and quality of meat of the seafood. Products are sent to the customers by the refrigerated trucks. Hence, the seafood remains frozen.

To ensure the customers could enjoy fresh and healthy seafood without adding any preservatives:

The process of picking up, cleaning and freezing are measured in minutes. The freezing method enables to maintain the nutrition and freshness of the seafood. Hence, no preservatives are needed. Customers may store the seafood in the freezer, and defrost before cooking.

To maintain the natural taste of seafood and avoid any chemical residuals:

Fish of DTS Home Mart are from a healthy brand, SeaNutri. From the selection of fry, forage, breeding environment, and processing are stringently controlled in order to ensure the quality of fish. The forage is rich in protein, enzyme and Omega 3, 6, and 9, which enhance the immunity of the fish. No antibiotics and medications are required throughout the breeding process. This attributes to the most natural taste of the fish.

To offer the most convenient platform for our consumers to purchase healthy and fresh seafood:

DTS Home Mart is an online fresh seafood market. The fresh seafood will be delivered to your doorstep after ordering online. It is an easy and convenient online market where you can purchase healthy and fresh seafood.