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Fish Prawn Crispy Roll 220g

Fish Prawn Crispy Roll 220g
Fish Prawn Crispy Roll 220g

·       A true crispy sensation with irresistible crunchiness.

·       Tender fish and prawn meat filling adds an explosion of taste.

·       Perfect for dinner parties, movie nights, or any occasion.

·       Ready-to-cook and prepared in minutes: Deep-fry or air-fry (brush with oil).

·       Suitable for all age ranges - a hit among everyone.


Serving Suggestions: Deep fry, air fry

(FREEZER TO FRYER) Fry immediately from frozen state until golden brown.

·       Heat oil.

·       Fry over medium heat for 6 minutes or until golden brown.

·       Ready to serve.

·       诱人的鱼虾脆皮卷:令人无法抗拒的脆口感受。

·       鲜嫩的鱼肉和虾肉内馅,爆发出丰富美味。

·       完美的晚餐聚会、电影之夜或任何场合选择。

·       即时烹饪,几分钟内完成:煎炸或空气炸锅(刷层油)。

·       适合各个年龄段 - 受大家喜欢。




·       热油。

·       用中火煎炸6分钟或直金黄色。

·       准备上桌。


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