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Fish Otak-Otak 鱼肉乌达 350g

Fish Otak-Otak 鱼肉乌达 350g
Fish Otak-Otak 鱼肉乌达 350g

·       A modern twist on the beloved Southeast Asian dish

·       Cube-shaped delicacy with fresh Barramundi fish, aromatic herbs, and spices.

·       Indulge in its savory flavour as a delightful appetizer or flavourful accompaniment to rice.

·       Experience the perfect harmony of tradition and innovation in every bite.


Serving Suggestions: Deep fry, air fry

(FREEZER TO FRYER) Fry immediately from frozen state until golden brown.

·       Heat oil.

·       Fry over medium heat for 5 minutes or until golden brown.

·       Ready to serve.

·       东南亚传统美食的现代演绎。

·       方块形状的美味佳肴,融合新鲜金目鲈鱼、香草和香料。

·       美味的开胃菜或搭配米饭的丰富选择。

·       传统与创新的完美融合,每一口都惊艳味蕾。




·       热油。

·       用中火煎炸5分钟或直到金黄色。

·       准备好上桌享用。

-Ready in 5 minutes

-deep fry or air fryer

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