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Cooking Sauce/Paste

Model: DTS Assam Cooking Sauce/Paste
DTS Assam Cooking Sauce/Paste·        Also known as Assam Paste or Tamarind Paste.·        Popular condiment in Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian cuisine.·        Made from tamarind pulp..
Ex Tax:RM10.90
Model: DTS Ginger Cooking Sauce/Paste
DTS Ginger Cooking Sauce/Paste·        Comprises ginger and seasonings.·        Popular fragrance and mild spiciness elevate Chinese cuisine.·        May include vinegar, soy sauce, or sugar ..
Ex Tax:RM10.90
Model: DTS Nyonya Cooking Sauce/Paste
DTS Nyonya Cooking Sauce/Paste·        A must-have for authentic stir-fries, dips, and seasoning.·        Elevate seafood and meat dishes with its unique flavours.·        地道的炒菜、蘸酱和调味必备。 ·&..
Ex Tax:RM13.90
Model: DTS Steam Fish Soy Sauce
DTS Steam Fish Soy Sauce·       Steamed fish soy sauce is a seasoning sauce that is popular in many Asian cuisines.·      Simply add this ready-to-use, seasoned soy sauce to steamed fishes for an appetizing treat like those in restaurant..
Ex Tax:RM10.90
Model: DTS Sweet Bean Cooking Sauce/Paste
DTS Sweet Bean Cooking Sauce/Paste·        Elevate Your Culinary Experience: Introducing Savoury Steam Sauce – a delectable blend of flavours.·        Simple & Convenient: Steaming made easy - 5 minutes to steam fish, drai..
Ex Tax:RM10.90
Model: Papa Chili Sauce 350gm
·        It is an aromatic and mildly spicy homemade chili sauce. ·        Excellent straight add an appetizing zing to any dishes such as chicken rice, noodles, or seafood. ·          A ..
Ex Tax:RM17.00
Model: Papa Cooking Chili Boh 300gm
Papa Cooking Chili Boh 300gm·        A thick savoury chili paste made by blended dried chilies. ·        Excellent premix in cooking for any chili-based dishes such as curry, rendang, as well as noodles.  ·    &..
Ex Tax:RM12.50
Model: Papa Dried Shrimp Floss 250gm/btl
·        Fluffy Dried Shrimp Floss uniquely ·        turn our homemade Papa’s Chili Boh and dried shrimp into a bottle of chili floss. ·        An exceptional way to give your food tasty, ta..
Ex Tax:RM28.00
Model: Papa's Green Chili Sauce 350gm
·        It combines green chili and key lime to create a mildly sweet, sour, and spicy flavour. ·        Excellent serve with any meat, seafood, noodles.·        You will not be able to close its lid ..
Ex Tax:RM12.80
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