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Model: Chrysanthemum Goji Berry Flower Tea
·       Chrysanthemum Goji Berry Flower Tea is a unique herbal blend with a delicate floral flavor. ·       It offers potential health benefits, including relaxation and antioxidant properties. ·    菊花枸杞花茶是一种独特的草本混合物..
Ex Tax:RM9.80
Model: Japan Premium Dried Scallop 顶级日本干贝
 Japanese dried scallops are renowned for their high quality and excellent taste, considered to be one of the top seafood ingredients. It can enhance a variety of dishes, offer nutritional benefits, and have a long shelf life.日本干贝因其高品质和口感而闻名,被认为是顶级的海鲜食材之一。 它可以增强多种菜肴的风味,提供营养价值,并且保质期长..
Ex Tax:RM180.00
Model: Korean Top Grade Dried Oyster
Korean Top Grade Dried Oysters are prized for their rich flavor and premium quality.  It adds depth to dishes, versatile, and have a long shelf life.·        韩国顶级干生蚝以其浓郁的风味和优质的品质而备受推崇。·      它增加了菜肴的深度,用途广泛,并且保质期长。- Premium Grade Kor..
Ex Tax:RM45.00
Model: Pulau Ketam Dried Shrimps 吉胆岛虾米 300gm
Pulau Ketam Dried shrimps are commonly used in various Asian cuisines to add a rich umami flavour to dishes.来自吉胆岛的虾米广泛用于调味、烹饪和增加菜肴的鲜味。- 300gm/pkt- Dried shrimp from Pulau Ketam..
Ex Tax:RM38.00
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