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Model: Chrysanthemum Goji Berry Flower Tea
Product Introduction: -70 grams per bottle Chrysanthemum is a common Chinese herb, believed to have the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying, and lowering blood pressure, and it has a fragrant taste. Goji berries are widely used in Chinese herbal medicine and diet therapy, with effects such ..
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Model: Pulau Ketam Dried Shrimps 吉胆岛虾米 300gm
Pulau Ketam Dried shrimps are commonly used in various Asian cuisines to add a rich umami flavour to dishes.来自吉胆岛的虾米广泛用于调味、烹饪和增加菜肴的鲜味。- 300gm/pkt- Dried shrimp from Pulau Ketam..
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