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Fish Soup

Model: Barramundi Fish Bone Stock
- 100% Pure Barramundi fish bone stock - No added MSG, preservatives, additives or flavouring- Suitable for any soup based dishes such as steamboat, noodle, soups, porridge, etc..
Ex Tax:RM15.00
Model: Golden Fish Bone Soup 黄金鱼骨汤 1litre
- use 100% pure giant tiger fish bone soup to simmer for 8 hours, add with the sweetness of pumpkin.- Ready in 10 minutes- Perfect for all soup based dishes..
Ex Tax:RM28.00
Model: 花胶菜胆炖鱼汤 Hua Jiao Vege Boiled Soup
使用深海鱼骨,配合海的鲜味,日本干贝,菜胆的甜味,冬虫夏草花的味道来调制的上等好汤。A premium soup made by Giant Tiger Grouper fish bones double-boiled for 8 hours, combined withthe sweetness of scallops, vegetables, fish maw, mushroom and cordyceps flowers, the soup is flavour-packed and warming especially during cold rainy days.- Ready-to..
Ex Tax:RM48.00
Model: 花胶鱼头免疫汤 Hua Jiao Fish Head Soup
用了上等的珍贵药材配料,配合花胶,深海珍珠龙趸鱼头炖上8个小时的老火汤,有助于提升免疫抗体。Using specially formulated premium Chinese herbs, fish maw, goji berries, red dates and Giant Tiger Grouperfish head double-boiled for 8 hours, this soup helps to boost immune system.- Ready-to-drink, just steam/boil- Giant Tiger Grouper fish bones stock..
Ex Tax:RM48.00
鲍鱼花胶海盅宝 Sea Treasure Abalone Soup 鲍鱼花胶海盅宝 Sea Treasure Abalone Soup
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Model: 鲍鱼花胶海盅宝 Sea Treasure Abalone Soup
用深海鱼骨,熬8个小时,加上海里的珍宝~海参,8 头鲍鱼,花胶,日本干贝,花菇等上等材料熬出的一盅好汤,可以提升免疫抗体,加强对病毒的抵抗力。Using Giant Tiger Grouper fish bones stock as a base, the soup is boiled together with sea cucumber, 8 head abalone, fish maw, dried mushrooms, premium scallops for 8 hours. This soup enhances immune system and strengthen our bod..
Ex Tax:RM58.00
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