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Fish Steak Cut

Model: Barramundi Steak Cut
Asia Barramundi is commonly found in Asia. The flesh texture becomes firmer as it grows. Rich with collagen. Due to marine farming, fish flesh texture is firmer and less friable. FLAVOUR PROFILE:·       Firm and light white flesh, natural fish fresh taste· ..
Ex Tax:RM42.00
Model: Giant Tiger Grouper Steak Cut
- 2pcs/600gm- cleaned & gutted- contains bones..
Ex Tax:RM78.00
Model: Golden Snapper Steak Cut
Golden Snapper is white-fleshed and tastes good. Suitable for almost all types of cooking. Thick and firm flesh, fresh and tasty. High in protein, low in fat. FLAVOUR PROFILE·       White and firm flesh·       Tender, less bo..
Ex Tax:RM38.00
Model: Salmon
The body of salmon is oval-shaped, with relatively small scales, and the back is dark green or blue, while the sides are silver-white. Adult salmon typically have distinctive red flesh, which is due to the natural pigment-rich food they consume. FLAVOUR PROFILE • The flesh is tender and de..
Ex Tax:RM49.00
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