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Fish & Sauce BUY 2 FREE 1@ Easy-to-Cook

Fish & Sauce BUY 2 FREE 1@ Easy-to-Cook
Fish & Sauce BUY 2 FREE 1@ Easy-to-Cook

Ready To Cook - Fish & Sauce 

Comes with 1 pack of sauce and 1 Fish portion super convenient and simple!


1. Barramundi Fillet and Ginger Paste Sauce

2. Barramundi Fillet and Assam Sauce

3. Barramundi Fillet and Steam Soy Sauce

4. Barramundi Fillet and Curry Sauce

*Kindly remark the flavour you wants!!!*

·        1 pack of Barramundi Fish Fillet and 1 pack of sauce included.

·        Rich in Protein, Delicious & Nutritious - Ready in minutes!

·        High-tech food liquid nitrogen freezing technology preserves fish's nutritional value.


Serving Suggestions: Steam, water boiling

·      Thaw Ready-to-Cook pack at room temperature.

·      Bring a pot of water to a boil.

·      Place both individual fish and sauce packs into the boiling water.

·      Let it cook for 10-12 minutes, and your delicious meal is ready to be served.

·        1包金目鲈鱼片和1包酱汁

·        富含蛋白质,美味又营养,几分钟即可享用!

·        高科技食品液氮冷冻技术保持鱼肉的营养价值!



·        将【一鱼一酱包】在室温解冻。

·        将一锅水煮沸。

·        将鱼片和酱汁包放入沸水中。

·        等待10-12分钟,美味的餐点即可上桌。

- Healthy, fast & convenient
- Contains a slice of Barramundi portion (boneless) and a packet of sauce
- Just put into boiling water for 10 minutes and it is ready to eat
- No chemicals, no preservatives

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