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CNY Gift Set C [龙凤滋盛]

CNY Gift Set C [龙凤滋盛]
CNY Gift Set C [龙凤滋盛]

Embark on a festive flavour journey with our Double-Boiled Soup Gift Set! This exclusive collection features six delicious soups, each double-boiled to perfection. Elevate your gatherings with traditional and exciting new flavours, elegantly packaged in a festive cloth wrapper. Perfect for Chinese New Year, family reunions, or any celebration. Order now for a unique and thoughtful gift that brings joy and good health to your loved ones!


Presenting our exquisite Double-Boiled Soup Gift Set, featuring a delightful array of flavours:


Hua Jiao Vege Boiled Soup

Hua Jiao Fish Head Soup

Sea Treasure Abalone Soup

Old Cucumber Fish Bone Soup

Watercress Fish Bone Soup

Golden Fish Maw Fish Bone Soup

Savour the richness of tradition and taste with every spoonful!

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