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CNY Gift Set B [滋补珍馐]

CNY Gift Set B [滋补珍馐]
CNY Gift Set B [滋补珍馐]

Embark on a festive flavour journey with our Double-Boiled Soup Gift Set! This exclusive collection features six delicious soups, each double-boiled to perfection. Elevate your gatherings with traditional and exciting new flavours, elegantly packaged in a festive cloth wrapper. Perfect for Chinese New Year, family reunions, or any celebration. Order now for a unique and thoughtful gift that brings joy and good health to your loved ones!


Presenting our exquisite Double-Boiled Soup Gift Set, featuring a delightful array of flavours:


Hua Jiao Vege Boiled Soup

Hua Jiao Fish Head Soup

Old Cucumber Fish Bone Soup

Watercress Fish Bone Soup

Savour the richness of tradition and taste with every spoonful!

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